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Preventative Maintenance

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Preventative Maintenance


Our goal is to help our customers and their facilities thrive. Our teams work alongside property managers and owners to prevent failures and unplanned outages.

We conduct inspections, testing, and cleaning, as well as the calibrating and lubrication of maintainable parts of the equipment, all compliant with the CSA and governing bodies. When it comes to preventing unplanned outages and avoiding disruption, Houle is here. 

Visit here to learn more about the importance of electrical preventative maintenance.

Annual Operating Permits

Distribution Maintenance

Electrical Repairs & Upgrades

Infrared Scans

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Site Inspections

Our services

Discover our full service approach.

We use ongoing communication, detailed planning, cutting-edge technology, and expert teams to keep our clients front and centre. Whether you’re looking for services in pre-construction, project delivery, or subcontractor management, service, and maintenance, you can rely on our experience to deliver quality on every project, every time.

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