COVID-19 Coronavirus #Flattenthecurve #COVID19 #SocialDistancing

The safety of our customers, fellow employees, and local community is our first priority.

So, here are some things we are doing as we continue to serve you:

  1. Taking proactive steps to monitor and follow the latest government and health directives:
    1. Including the order from Dr. Bonnie Henry under the Public Health Act -
    2. Including the BCCSA Exposure Control Plan for COVID-19 –
  2. Adapting our Field-Level Risk Assessment (FLRA) guidelines as the situation evolves
  3. Hosting regular COVID-19 team meetings and daily follow ups

Thank you for working with us proactively to keep workers safe.

We are proud of the positive feedback we have received so far from our customers and staff regarding our approach.

Let’s keep it up, and continue to support each other through this challenging time.