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Arbutus station day shot rendering

Broadway Subway Project

  • 550,000 Feet of Raceways
  • 3,600 Light Fixtures
  • 500 Panels & Cabinets

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Project info

Ranked as #29 on the ReNew Top 100 Canada’s Biggest Infrastructure Projects list, the Broadway Subway Project will extend the existing SkyTrain Millennium Line by 5.7 km from VCC-Clark Station to Broadway and Arbutus in Vancouver.

Designed with “Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design” principles, the stations will feature an open and transparent layout, good lighting, and top security systems to maximize visibility and safety. With the integration of these stations into Vancouver’s existing transit networks and cycling facilities, this project will help provide fast, frequent, and convenient SkyTrain service to BC’s second largest jobs centre, world-class health services, an emerging innovation and research hub, and growing residential communities.

Our team is providing electrical and technology solutions for the new stations, including power distribution, lighting, life safety, security systems, and communications systems. This includes management and SCADA systems, wayside monitoring, and tunnel ventilation systems. Additionally, we are working with virtual design, including BIM 3D modeling, to assist with constructability review, trades clash detection, and resolution input.


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