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Reports and Audits

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Reports & Audits


Our assessments help streamline a facility’s power  systems to match your business and operational needs. From providing recommendations on how to optimize technology in a facility to designing, implementing, and supporting a solution, our data-forward services help you address the changing needs of your company. 

Distribution Maintenance

Electrical Repairs & Upgrades

Energy Analysis

EV Ready Plans

Infrared Scans

Insurance/CSA Inspections


Power Quality

Preventative Maintenance

Rebate Application

Site Assessment

Site Inspections

Our services

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We use ongoing communication, detailed planning, cutting-edge technology, and expert teams to keep our clients front and centre. Whether you’re looking for services in pre-construction, project delivery, or subcontractor management, service, and maintenance, you can rely on our experience to deliver quality on every project, every time.

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