Lighting Systems


The right lighting can positively transform your spaces today and tomorrow.

As a multiple, integrated services provider, Houle offers in-house design, consultation, installation, and maintenance services for lighting. Our attendance at national trade shows and our close working relationships with local lighting manufacturer agencies allow us to keep abreast on new lighting products and technologies. This results in our ability to offer our clients the latest and most current design options. Members of our lighting team come from lighting manufacturing and design backgrounds. They have many years of collaboration, design, and consultation experience with electrical engineers and the design community. As members of the Illumination Engineering Society (IES), our lighting team is dedicated to improving the lighted environment for our clients and for our community.

From increasing safety in otherwise dark places to revealing the world around us, our lighting specialists offer solutions to meet any requirements. Our focus on energy saving solutions means that you can lower your electricity bills while reducing your carbon footprint. We can conduct energy savings analysis of your current lighting systems, with calculations of the proposed savings and payback if new energy saving technology products are installed. Working in the latest in mesh networked capable lighting control systems for cross-municipal environments, we can provide you with enhanced control and reduction of lighting energy consumption. For accurate light planning and layouts, we utilize complete photometric lighting data captured with NIST Scotopic/Photopic meters which feeds to our 3D light modeling software.

Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor lighting, our lighting team will work with you to assess your needs and provide solutions tailored to your facility.

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Systems Integration

With the advancement of technology, connecting various building systems through a common interface can provide real-time information and diagnostic tools to keep your facility performing at peak efficiency. By integrating systems in your building, you can obtain system capabilities that a single system cannot do by itself. With an integrated system, you can continuously monitor your building’s systems to identify opportunities for system optimization and operate your building at peak efficiency by engaging only what systems are necessary at any given time. Houle offers the ability to combine many systems that previously required its own computer or interface into one easy to use access point, whether it be on an on-site computer, a web enabled device, or both. We can integrate heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, security systems including CCTV cameras, audio visual systems, lighting, energy monitoring, electrical power monitoring, UPS back up battery power monitoring, emergency generators, and other building systems. At any time, you can know who, what, where, when, and how an event of any kind took place in your building from anywhere in the world.

at Houle, safety is our first priority

Our Capabilities

From precontruction to post-project support, our people remain at the core of our service excellence. The expertise of our team results in precisely planned and well-executed projects.


24/7/365 Services

Offering 24-hour emergency services through our ten offices located throughout British Columbia,  we are dedicated to ensuring that your facility has the resources it needs to operate.


Career Opportunities

Looking for a career that is both challenging and rewarding? Do you want to be part of a team that genuinely cares about your career growth? Join our team and be empowered to own your work.