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Industry Specialties

Quality care for patients. Engaged frontline staff. Increased operating efficiency at lower costs.

Studies have shown that hospitals require significantly more energy per square foot of floor space than commercial buildings. With 24-hour occupancy loads, Houle can help you select the right building automation system, yielding significant benefits to your healthcare facility’s bottom-line. Healthcare staff can also benefit from other integrated technologies that improve clinical workflow, reduce risk, and enhance safety. We can equip you with the tools to streamline communication between patients and nursing staff, protect your property and assets, increase patient comfort, and more. This all leads to improved quality care for clients.

Whether safety is your top priority, constructing a new facility is your goal, or retrofitting your facility’s infrastructure is of key concern, as a proven leader in the healthcare construction industry, Houle’s in-house team of experts can work with you to deliver the best integrated technological solution. Our success lies in our years of experience and in our ability to perform our work with little or no disruption to your everyday operations. As experts in Public Private Partnership (P3) contracts, we have completed numerous P3 projects throughout British Columbia. This P3 experience began with our outstanding work on our first P3 project in 2004 with the Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre. All of our construction, renovation, and maintenance work is done in compliance with all CSA Standards (e.g. Z317, Z32) and follows our high standards for safety and quality.

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Healthcare Construction Certified


Some members of our team holds the Healthcare Construction certification. This certification, issued by the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society (CHES) in partnership with the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE), showcases our commitment and desire to improve the awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the healthcare construction environment, thereby improving the quality of patient care.

at Houle, safety is our first priority

Healthcare Technologies

As your multiple, integrated systems provider, Houle offers tailored solutions for your acute or long-term care facility.


Partnership with Ascom

Ascom is the leading developer of healthcare communication solutions, providing users with greater freedom of movement and efficient alarm management. Its R&D focuses on innovative technologies for call systems, medical device integration, and wireless communication tools.

Partnership with Sonitor

Sonitor Technologies is the leading provider of high definition, Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) based on proprietary ultrasound technology. We link the physical world with the IoT to provide real-time visibility and intelligence.