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Equipping you with technological solutions to improve patient care.

Providing quality care for short-term and long-term patients can result in happier, healthier patients. As your multiple, integrated systems provider, Houle offers tailored solutions for your acute or long-term care facility. With Houle’s many divisions, which include electrical, power monitoring, building automation and HVAC controls, networks, integrated security, and service, you can rest assured that we have the products and solutions that you are looking for. To help improve collaboration among various different integrated building automation systems, Houle maintains in-house expertise for total systems integration and security for your facility.


Access Control

Maintain a security level that is safe and secure for your residents, staff, and guests through open controlled access during visiting hours and restrictive access during all other hours, allowing your residents and staff to come and go as needed.

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Bed Exit Prevention & Fall Alert

The best way to stop falls and accidents are by preventing it from occurring in the first place. Houle installs bed occupancy sensors which are stand-alone alarm systems that provide alarm indication whenever a patient or resident exits their bed or chair.

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Clinical Video Monitoring Systems

Video cameras are often used in healthcare environments to monitor and supervise patients in seclusion rooms or to assist in clinical analysis. These systems often require high definition cameras and often use voice monitoring and even recording.

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Dementia Monitoring

Traditional nurse call systems are often abused by dementia or Alzheimer patients and residents in long-term care facilities. Reduce alarm fatigue by only responding to alerts that truly require assistance.

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Digital Signage & Media Displays

Entertainment and information displays in waiting areas and lounges can help distract, entertain, and inform your patients and visitors. Houle’s digital signage solutions enable you to display visitor information with or without advertising for generating additional revenue in an extended care facility or for incorporating interactive wayfinding panels in larger hospital environments to help people navigate around the facility.

Fibre Optics & Structured Cabling

From enhancing your hospital’s information technology infrastructure to supporting all your healthcare applications and technologies, Houle’s qualified team of RCDDs, project managers, and manufacturer certified technicians will work together to offer customized solutions for all your fibre optic and structured cabling needs. We perform the full breadth of network services, offering customized designs for CAT 5e, CAT 6, CAT 6A, and fibre optics.

Fire Alarm

Houle can upgrade, replace, and/or install an existing or new fire alarm system at your healthcare facility. In addition to paying particular attention to infectious control measures, we will complete the project without disruption to daily hospital operations and without compromise for fire safety levels and other vulnerabilities.

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HVAC Controls

Breathing quality indoor air is critical for good health. Investing in a quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system can help improve air quality in your facility by constantly exchanging the indoor air with fresh, outdoor air that is also filtered for the best quality possible.

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Infant Protection

Protect newborns and infants from abduction attempts during the critical time period between birth and departure. At Houle, we can help you select and design an infant protection system for your hospital maternity and pediatrics departments.

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Intercom Systems

Communication is critical in saving lives. A good staff-to-staff communication interface that enables staff to relay critical pieces of information can help to save lives. At Houle, we design, supply, and install hands-free intercom systems that can be your critical link between departments such as emergency, surgery, radiology, and the laboratory. We can integrate your intercom system with your general or local paging system for a seamless system.

Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT)

With more and more IP-enabled devices being used every day, you need proper integration, reporting, and analytic solutions to gather and analyze all the data being provided by these devices. This can help you improve your operations and boost your bottom line. At Houle, we have experience in the selection, design, and development of Custom off the Shelf (COTS) and customized integration and reporting solutions to help you gather data and use the information for improving facility and operational efficiencies. Our IoHT solutions can integrate everything, engaging people on any device for better patient care.

Intrusion Detection

Protect your people. Secure your property. Add a layer of defence. Whether you are looking for motion sensors, glassbreak sensors, door contacts, and/or beam detectors, Houle’s security consultants will work with you to provide specialty sensors to protect your most valuable assets, your residents and staff. With our intrusion detection and monitoring solutions, you can have the peace of mind knowing your residents and staff are being protected from outside intrusion. From special computer monitoring to real-time locating systems, we are certified to supply and install various alarm systems. In addition to installing your system, we also provide ULC Intrusion Monitoring.

Lighting & Lighting Controls

When residents in long-term care facilities are in their own rooms unattended, the probability of them falling from their beds trying to turn on hard-to-reach light switches increase. Houle can help you design a lighting scheme that automatically turns on and off based on motion sensor activation and/or set scheduling.

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Nurse Call and Code Alarms

From patient-to-staff and staff-to-staff communications, Houle’s nurse call solutions enable patients to alert staff for assistance in healthcare facilities and for staff to communicate amongst themselves.

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Healthcare professionals are more likely to be attacked on the job than any other service professional. Protecting the safety and security of your staff is extremely important. Not only does it improve work moral, it also ensures that care staff aren’t distracted by the stress of their personal safety. Houle offers wired and even wireless emergency duress systems that can protect staff from assault or other hazards. When an emergency occurs, a simple push of the panic alarm instantly notifies the appropriate responders the identity of the staff member needing help and the precise location of the emergency situation.

Patient Entertainment/ Education Systems

Simple distractions from a quality patient entertainment system can keep patients busy, entertained, and connected to family and friends, leading to happier, healthier patients. Houle provides custom-designed modern entertainment control systems that encompasses technologies such as television, video on demand, games, radio, Internet, messaging, and information pages.

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Transformers, uninterruptible power supply, generators, and load banks.

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Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) and Asset Tracking

Location can play a critical role in your healthcare business decisions. At Houle, we provide visibility into the location of your equipment, staff, and patients so you can improve your healthcare facility’s business processes, enhance resource utilization, and optimize healthcare workflow.

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Telehealth & Video Conferencing

Telehealth is the use of live two-way videoconferencing and supported technologies over a secure and private high-speed provincial network to connect patients and health professionals in remote and distant communities across the country. Specialists can use videoconferencing software in their office computers or room-based equipment to deliver services to patients who are far away. Houle can help you set up a Telehealth location in your office or community. Our team, who has years of experience installing videoconferencing systems, can design and install a system that will enable your patients to have greater access to care and to receive care closer to home, reducing travel time and expenses.

Telephony & Unified Messaging Systems

From traditional analog and digital telephone systems to Hybrid VoIP/SIP, digital and analog systems including wired and wireless telephones, Houle offers solutions suitable for your facility. We implement low and high-end telephony solutions that incorporate voicemail, auto-attendants, voice conferencing, and collaboration, as well as options for reselling voice services and call accounting packages. This helps you generate revenue while offering residents and patients enhanced telephone services. Our solutions also include advanced wireless telephone systems and Wi-Fi based systems with proper Quality of Service (QoS) roaming features and follow-me features.

Text Messaging Systems

There is an ever increasing need to ensure patient information is kept secure and confidential at all times. Standard text services pose security concerns as it allows messages on devices to be read by anyone.

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Video Surveillance

Deter criminals. Prevent theft. Protect your residents and staff. With a video surveillance system, you can see, respond, intervene, and mitigate risks if and when they arise. While anybody can mount a camera and plug it in, few have the expertise to optimally configure the camera settings and network security to ensure a long-lasting stable video surveillance system that cannot be hacked or tampered with. Houle’s technicians are highly trained to install and service small, medium, and very large complex tamperproof CCTV systems.

Wi-Fi System

Houle’s network design experts can help you with initial design, layout, and testing, through to the supply, installation, and final commissioning survey of your facility network.

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Wander Prevention

Keep your facilities safer and enable your staff to keep track of patients and residents who could be at risk of hurting themselves. Our wander prevention solution alerts your staff immediately if patients or residents try to leave the facility or wander into restricted areas.

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Workflow Management

Improving workflow can eliminate waste and ensure that your healthcare facility is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. With Houle’s workflow solutions, we can help you enhance clinical workflows and reduce paperwork through seamless integration and process and document automation.

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Healthcare Construction Certified


Some members of our team holds the Healthcare Construction certification. This certification, issued by the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society (CHES) in partnership with the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE), showcases our commitment and desire to improve the awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the healthcare construction environment, thereby improving the quality of patient care.

at Houle, safety is our first priority

Partnership with Ascom

Ascom is the leading developer of healthcare communication solutions, providing users with greater freedom of movement and efficient alarm management. Its R&D focuses on innovative technologies for call systems, medical device integration, and wireless communication tools.

Partnership with Sonitor

Sonitor Technologies is the leading provider of high definition, Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) based on proprietary ultrasound technology. We link the physical world with the IoT to provide real-time visibility and intelligence.

Systems Integration

Optimize your building operations through integrated building systems. We can integrate your HVAC systems, security systems, lighting, energy monitoring, audio visual systems, electrical power monitoring, UPS back up battery power monitoring, emergency generators, and other building systems.