Infrared Scanning & Vault Maintenance



Predict and prevent electrical system issues before it becomes a problem.

Houle offers preventative maintenance solutions to ensure compliance of your systems and mitigate the risk of equipment failures, injuries, and possibly even death. Our power quality team will work with you to determine the right solutions and maintenance requirements for your facility.


Arc Flash Analysis & Coordination Studies

Hotter than the surface of the sun and capable of exploding with the strength of 8 sticks of dynamite, an arc flash is an electrical release of energy that could seriously injure a person, cause death, and/or cause a fire.

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Electrical Operating Permit Inspection

If you hold an electrical operating permit for your facility, you may be required to have a bi-annual electrical inspection of your systems. Houle will take the nuisances away from you by managing the whole process. We will coordinate with the city to request an inspection of your facility. On the day of the inspection, one of our qualified electricians will meet the inspector on-site and perform the walk through with the inspector. Should the inspector report any issues that need to be addressed, Houle can immediately respond to the issue.

High Voltage Maintenance

Routine three year maintenance on your electrical vaults is mandatory to ensure your vault is compliant with WorkSafeBC rules. As a certified high-voltage contractor, Houle will de-energize your whole vault, take the equipment apart, clean the components, perform an oil sample for each transformer, test and check the vault for any needed repairs, and then restore power. We will provide you with a deficiency report and recommend cost-effective solutions that will aid in improving your electrical system reliability.

Inventory & Reporting

Knowing what electrical equipment you have in your facility and the service history behind them can help you manage your assets and ensure that equipment does not deteriorate to the extent that it may put you and your staff at risk.

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Infrared Thermography/ Thermal Imaging

Protect your investments from electrical system failures by identifying deficiencies in your equipment through the detection of abnormal heating.

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Power Outage Reduction

Regular preventative maintenance is the best protection you can have against sudden and costly power outages.

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Ultrasonic Testing

By identifying deficiencies in your equipment through the detection of high frequency sounds produced by arcing, tracking, and corona, you can protect your assets from electrical system failures.

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at Houle, safety is our first priority

24/7/365 Services

Offering 24-hour emergency services through our ten offices located throughout British Columbia,  we are dedicated to ensuring that your facility has the resources it needs to operate.


Partnership with MOBOTIX

Beside the professional VMS and video analysis software, MOBOTIX is known as an innovative producer of autonomous IP cameras since the year 2000. MOBOTIX cameras are produced weatherproof and IP66 protected with one of the highest quality standards.

Partnership with Reliable Controls

Reliable Controls designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes BACnet compliant, Internet-connected building automation systems for monitoring and controlling the HVAC environments.