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An Electric Vehicle charging at the Victoria International Airport with our Sun Country EV Charger

Victoria International Airport – EV Charging Station

  • 6 level 2 charging stations
  • 600:120/208V 3Ø 75kVA transformer
  • 400 Amp panel board kiosk

Projects / Institutional

Project info

Victoria International Airport supports over 1.7 million passengers per year, and after identifying opportunities to serve those passengers better, they decided to proceed with the electric vehicle charging project. This project gives drivers a complementary quick charge when picking up passengers from the airport, modernizing the airport’s offerings and better serving their visitors. 

Our team was brought in and completed the following: new kiosk feeders 3c #2AWG installed within existing ducts; installation of a new concrete pad for a new 600:120/208V 3Ø 75kVA transformer and 400 Amp panel board kiosk; a scan and x-ray of the asphalt in the proposed trenching routes to the EV chargers; installation of six Sun Country EV40 level 2 charging stations and pedestals; and seismic engineering schedules S-B & S-C for the transformer kiosk and EV chargers.


  • Sector: Institutional
  • Completion: 2016
  • Owner: Victoria Airport Authority

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