TFN Tsawwassen Mills Mall

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Scope of Work

Completed: 2016

Owner: Ivanhoe Cambridge

Tsawwassen Mills Mall is a fully enclosed 1.2 million-square-foot shopping mall compromised of 200 retail units. Located near the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal at 5000 Canoe Pass Way, the mall is one of the first major developments on Tsawwassen First Nation Lands.  As the largest shopping mall to be built in Canada since 2009, Tsawwassen Mills Mall has a unique mix of premium fashion brands, factory outlets, restaurants, and first-to-market retailers.

Houle’s scope of work consisted of the base building’s electrical and systems.  The installation included the fit out of 21 electrical rooms which feeds distribution to 200 tenants.  Houle also completed the installation of the fire alarm inclusive of all tenants.

The shopping centre, with a total footprint of 1.4 million square feet (equivalent of 80 hockey rinks), was 1km long. To reduce lost time, Houle had to ensure that materials and site facilities were set up to maximize productivity and minimize travel time. Trailers and material areas were set up throughout the building.  Several vehicles were available to increase logistical efficiencies.

There were hundreds of electrical changes during the two year span of the project. A majority of the changes occurred during the last year with leasing. To meet the end goal, the team at Houle ensured it stayed on top of all the changes through careful coordination with the general contractor, consultants, and trades.

Houle maintained a great working relationship with the general contractor, consultants, and owner. Communication between the teams ensured Houle stayed ahead of the curve and maintained the construction schedule.

“I was recently at the grand opening for Tsawwassen Mills and an unsolicited comment was made by one of our guys about how great a job your team did. Please pass on my congratulations to your team.”
~ Peter Hrdlitschka, President, Ledcor Construction Limited