North Island Hospitals

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  • Access Control
    From traditional proximity card badge systems to leading-edge OSDP, security devices, control access to your facility every day of the year. Houle can help manage ingress and egress from your facility to keep your site secure.
  • Infant Protection
    Houle non-intrusive infant protection system involves small discreet tags worn on an infant’s wrist, ankle, or umbilical cord clamp that continually monitor the infant’s whereabouts, generating automated alerts if an admitted infant is taken outside of a protected zone.
  • Intercom Systems
    Houle designs, supplies, and installs hands-free intercom systems that can be your critical link between departments.
  • Intrusion Detection
    Houle supplies and installs motion sensors, glassbreak sensors, door contacts, and beam detectors, so you can protect your most valuable assets.
  • Nurse Call & Code Alarms
    Houle’s nurse call solutions enable patients to alert staff for assistance in healthcare facilities and for staff to communicate amongst themselves.
  • Panic/Duress
    Houle can protect your employees and visitors from assault or other hazards with our wired or wireless emergency duress systems. When an emergency occurs, a simple push of the panic alarm notifies others of the situation.
  • Public Address
    Through our public address solutions, Houle can add effortless ambiance to your facility while providing you with a building-wide communication system for emergencies.
  • Radio
    Houle offers two-way radio communication solutions to help you connect with your staff.
  • Real-Time Locating System
    At Houle, we offer solutions that enable you to place active or passive tags on equipment and people to track their locations inside or outside buildings.
  • Wander Prevention
    Houle's wander prevention solution alerts your staff immediately if patients or residents try to leave the facility or wander into restricted areas.
  • Video Surveillance
    Houle provides the latest offerings in IP CCTV and Video Management systems from the leading manufacturers.

Scope of Work

Completed: 2017

Owner: Vancouver Island Health Authority

Two new hospitals were built to benefit Vancouver Island patients living in the Comox Valley, Campbell River, and the surrounding communities. New facilities were needed because each community had older hospitals requiring modernization. The 153-bed Comox Valley Hospital in Courtenay comprises a total of 428,700 square feet while the 95-bed in Campbell River comprises of a total of 348,000 square feet. Each hospital has a University of British Columbia academic teaching space.

Houle was responsible for the design assist, installation, integration, and commissioning for electrical and low voltage systems for the hospitals. Systems include access control, video surveillance, intrusion, panic, intercom, public address, real-time location system, nurse call, radios, infant protection, and wander prevention. Most systems are required to integrate together, to allow auxiliary alarms to be triggered on additional systems in order to provide redundancy including connection to remote monitoring sites.

The systems integration at the hospitals is at a level never before seen in a Canadian hospital. It encompasses 33 systems consisting of roughly 13,000 network connections. Extensive on/offsite programmers were required to ensure proper connectivity and functionality.

Even though Houle received over 1,000 site instructions, the project completion date did not change and the team at Houle was able to meet the scheduled April 2017 deadline.

“Houle’s attention to and demand for detail in the early planning and execution stages of the project proved to be instrumental to focusing the entire project team on the schedule critical aspects of the project. Houle’s ability to provide highly qualified and driven staff to the project was instrumental in their ability to meet a very aggressive project schedule even in the face of significant revisions to the planned sequences of work and workload. Houle’s culture is truly focused on leveraging exceptional individuals into a project team that is capable meeting virtually any challenge related to their scope of work and demands of the project.”
~ Bret Miche, Senior Project Manager, Graham Construction