Fleetwood Substation

New Substation

project at a glance

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Scope of Work

Completed: 2016

Owner: BC Hydro

The existing substations in Surrey, BC are aging and at capacity. With electricity needs in Surrey expected to more than double in the next 30 years, investment in a new substation was necessary in order to get power to homes and businesses in a safe and reliable way. The project involved the construction on a new substation that includes an open-air facility.  The facility would hold two transformers, substation protection and control equipment, and two new distribution feeder sections and associated electrical equipment.

The team at Houle installed:

  • 150 MVA, 230-25-25kV transformer (T1)
  • four 230kV circuit breakers
  • 16 230kV breaker disconnect switches
  • two 230kV line switches
  • two 230kV motor operated transformer disconnect switches
  • two 230kV line terminations
  • four motorized 25kV disconnect switches
  • four 25kV GIS feeder sections with equipment for seven feeders per section
  • associated 25kV equipment in two separate buildings.

The substation has two GIS Feeder Buildings and a Control Building.

The late supply of drawings and information, late delivery of owner supplied materials, delayed access to work areas, and numerous design changes posed challenges throughout the project. Houle was able to work through these challenges by ensuring excellent communication within the team and with other trades.

Houle’s safety record on this project was excellent (no lost time accidents). Houle mitigated any issues that arose by redirecting crews to alternative activities in order to efficiently use their time. Throughout the entire project, Houle did not submit any change request for stand-by time resulting from late or incomplete handover of work areas, engineering, or material deliveries. The team did an excellent job of notifying the client of delays encountered through various means of communication. This enabled the client to notify the party(ies) responsible so they were given the opportunity to lessen the impact of the delay.