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Scope of Work

Completed: 2016

Owner: Port Metro Vancouver

Located at Roberts Bank in Delta, BC, Deltaport is the largest container terminal in Canada. To increase security and improve terminal efficiency and container reservation, the port wanted to install a vehicle access control system (VACS) near the causeway overpass. The VACS would restrict entry to Deltaport/Westshore terminal to only authorized and licensed vehicles.

Houle supplied, installed, tested, and configured the following components: all electrical components of the system including two new electrical rooms with propane generators, fibre optic cabling, CCTV equipment, IP intercom equipment, and traffic control devices. The CCTV equipment installed and supplied by Houle included IP cameras, network video recorders software, licensing and video analytics. The cameras installed throughout Roberts Bank Way are monitored by Port Metro Vancouver utilizing a very large fibre infrastructure installed by Houle. Houle pulled 23.9km of fibre from Roberts Bank to the Emergency Communications for British Columbia (E-Comm), the main communication hub for Greater Vancouver. The fibre traveled along highway 1, highway 17, and the Port Mann bridge.

Houle installed and supplied traffic control devices which included vehicle gates, loop detectors, PCL’s, card access/intercom cabinets, dynamic message signs, signals, static signs, lighting, and operator control booths. Six card reader cabinets were installed, each consisting of two cameras inside. One shows the face of the driver and another allows the driver to display his/her driver’s license. These cabinets also includes a keypad and LCD that enables the driver to record the reservation number at the terminal and intercom station, for communication  back to the security room.

Houle also coordinated the civil construction in the immediate vicinity of the entrances and exit gates, including concrete forming and finishing, and asphalt paving. There were loops in the asphalt to sense trucks connected to PLCs for automatic traffic control. Impact attenuators were installed to minimize crashes and traffic delineators. Speed bumps and road signs were added to ensure safety on the highway for pedestrians and cars.

With a high volume of vehicle traffic constantly traveling to and from the port, Houle had to work around busy traffic, high speed trucks, and narrow lanes. Coordination with flaggers and the Ministry of Transportation was vital for performing the work, with most of the work being performed through the night in order to minimize disruption to the port and to traffic flow. Pulling fibre was a challenge in itself. Not only was the fibre run long (23.9km), the client wanted as few splices as possible. This meant the lengths of fibre had to be very long. Houle had to bring in huge reels of fibre which required specialized trucks and machinery to transport and install.

Truck traffic is efficiently controlled by Port Security before the trucks arrive at the terminal. Prior to the project, there was limited wireless communication between Deltaport and E-Comm. With the 144 strands of fibre installed by Houle, large bandwidth communication between the port and the communication hub is now readily available.