The Value of Hiring a Licensed Electrician

Twenty per cent (20%) of all fires in Canada are due to electrical fires, with faulty wiring being the number one attributor to the electrical fires. With such astounding statistics, hiring a licensed electrician should be at the top of your priority list. By hiring the right professionals to complete the job, you can prevent electrical failures or malfunctions to your home and keep you and your family safe. Additional benefits of hiring a licensed electrician for any electrical repairs or additions are as follows.

If a technician gets injured while performing work on your property, who will be responsible for the medical bills? Who is accountable for repair costs if the work causes damage to your property? To protect yourself from being sued and being held monetarily responsible for a worker’s injuries sustained while on your property and to ensure you do not have any out-of-pocket expenses due to damages to your property, hire a licensed electrician. All work performed by licensed service technicians is 100% insured.

Surety Bond
All licensed electricians are required to have a Surety bond. This means that if a technician fails to complete the work, you are paid a predetermined sum of money by the Surety for the inconvenience caused to you.

Wiring your home requires a permit which can only be acquired by a licensed electrician. Now imagine that you are looking to save money in the short-term so you hire an unlicensed electrician who cannot pull a permit. Down the road when you want to list your house for sale, you must disclose whether you have a permit or not in the Property Disclosure Statement. Without a permit, the value of your property can significantly decrease. Now do the calculations. Did you manage to save a penny or are you out a significant sum of money just because you did not hire a licensed electrician?

Abiding by Safety Codes
Safety codes are set by the governing authority in order to protect you and your property. Not only do licensed electricians carry out work in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations set up by the government, they know the current safety issues in the market and how to deal with them.

While some general contractors can perform rudimentary electrical services, there is no substitute for the quality that a licensed professional can provide. Troubleshooting an electrical problem is rarely a simple task and only an accredited electrician will have the necessary expertise and equipment to diagnose the source of a problem. Additionally, licensed electricians are required to pull permits and are subject to inspection. When a permit is pulled, an inspector must be called upon to ensure the work meets the criteria of the said permit. This ensures you have a quality job done according to applicable codes.

Knowledge and Experience
To become a licensed electrician, one needs to have a certain amount of experience and pass a rigorous test before being issued a license. A potential licensee needs to be well educated in their field in order to pass these tests. After being licensed, electricians are required to attend regular classes to keep up-to-date on current technologies. A licensed electrician will be fully knowledgeable on the complex workings of the electrical system in your home.

Access to Proper Tools and Equipment
Fixing an electrical issue in your home, regardless of how minor it may seem, requires specialized equipment and expertise. A licensed professional has access to top-quality tools needed to complete the job accurately and in a timely manner.

Give yourself the peace of mind and hire a licensed professional. For tips on finding a licensed electrician in your area, read the article “How to Find a Licensed Electrician”.

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