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End clients rely on your outputs for various aspects of their daily lives. Rely on us to ensure your infrastructure supports the needs of your clients.

From meeting or exceeding demanding completion schedules to working in challenging, remote environments, Houle’s ability to skillfully coordinate people, tools, and equipment combined with the ability to constantly adapt, results in successful completion of projects. The ability to work through challenging and adverse weather conditions that is representative of many of our jobsites is a testament of our adaptability and experience. We can work in operational environments where you don’t experience any downtime as a result of our work.

Our in-depth knowledge of today’s complex and high-tech industrial projects, combined with our expertise and large workforce, enables us to meet requirements of any scale. A testament of our capabilities is our performance on the Rio Tinto Smelter in Kitimat, BC, as part of the Kitimat Modernization Project. With a total project contract value of $200 million, it is Houle’s largest project to date. Our superb safety record on the project resulted in zero lost time injury (based on over 1,500,000 Houle man hours on the project) while our high performance factor delivered cost savings to the client of approximately $15,000,000.

ISNetworld Member Contractor

Houle is a member of ISNetworld, an online contractor management database designed to meet internal and governmental health and safety, procurement, quality, and regulatory information record keeping and compliance requirements.

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Systems Integration

With the advancement of technology, connecting various building systems through a common interface can provide real-time information and diagnostic tools to keep your facility performing at peak efficiency. By integrating systems in your building, you can obtain system capabilities that a single system cannot do by itself. With an integrated system, you can continuously monitor your building’s systems to identify opportunities for system optimization and operate your building at peak efficiency by engaging only what systems are necessary at any given time. Houle offers the ability to combine many systems that previously required its own computer or interface into one easy to use access point, whether it be on an on-site computer, a web enabled device, or both. We can integrate heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, security systems including CCTV cameras, audio visual systems, lighting, energy monitoring, electrical power monitoring, UPS back up battery power monitoring, emergency generators, and other building systems. At any time, you can know who, what, where, when, and how an event of any kind took place in your building from anywhere in the world.

at Houle, safety is our first priority

Energy, Utilities, & Water Treatment Expertise

Rely on us to ensure your infrastructure supports the needs of your clients.


Mining, Milling, & Manufacturing Expertise

People rely on your outputs to support their daily lives. Rely on us to ensure your infrastructure supports the needs of your clients.


Partnership with Schneider Electric – Wonderware

Wonderware by Schneider Electric, is a market leader in HMI, SCADA, and real-time operations management software, enabling production and industrial operations to synchronize with business objectives.