Energy Savings & Management



Helping to improve the energy efficiency of your facility.

“Switching off all non-essential equipment in an office for one night will save enough energy to run a small car for 160 km.” ~ Carbon Trust. There are a number ways you can make your facility more energy-efficient. Houle offers solutions designed to reduce your energy consumption costs and minimize risks to your operations. We can capture real-time energy consumption of your building and analyze the data, providing recommendations on how you can achieve your sustainability goals. Our team of professionals can also help you save money on your energy bill by upgrading your lighting to ENERGY STAR LEDs and testing and maintaining your business’ UPS.


Data Logging

Comprehensive analytics of your facility’s electrical currents can improve your building’s energy efficiency and positively affect your business’ bottom line.

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LED Lighting/ Hydro Rebates

Lighting can be your highest business energy cost – and your greatest opportunity for savings.

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With sustainability playing a pivotal role in today’s society, you can reduce your energy footprint by using submeters.

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Uninterruptible Power Supply & Reporting

Data loss can be extremely costly. Damage to sophisticated equipment can cost thousands of dollars. Even with a UPS, such losses and damage can still result.

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at Houle, safety is our first priority

Power Quality

Through electrical inspections, reporting, and documentation, our Power Quality team can help you mitigate risks and extend the life of your electrical systems while decreasing risk of property damage and increasing life safety.


Partnership with Reliable Controls

Reliable Controls designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes BACnet compliant, Internet-connected building automation systems for monitoring and controlling the HVAC environments.

Partnership with Schneider Electric – Andover Controls

Schneider Electric is the €25 billion global leader in energy management and automation. They invent connected technologies that reshape industries, transform cities and enrich lives.