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Engage your customers and staff with an audio visual (AV) presentation. Our AV Solution Providers can create an immersive experience. Houle’s trained and accredited AV systems specialists are available to assist you with AV design, installation, and integration. We deliver simple updates and retrofits to complex turnkey AV systems. Our team has expertise in video conferencing, touch screen control systems, video projection, sound systems, digital signage, video walls, and sound masking. We can furnish, design, and install light and shade control systems.

Building Intercom Systems

Imagine an intercom, video intercom, telephone, and paging system that is completely hands-free. Houle can supply and install wireless facility-wide two-way intercom communication system that communicates over the network, eliminating the need for any special wiring or switchers.

Climate Control

Healthy indoor climates can equal comfort, satisfaction, and productivity. From office buildings to shopping centres to restaurants to conference halls, you can control your facility’s indoor climate to optimize comfort for your customers, employees, and tenants. We install versatile heating and cooling thermostat for one- and two-stage control of forced air, radiant, and heat pump HVAC systems.

Houle can install a complete energy management software solution for your organization so you can track your facility’s carbon footprint in real-time while controlling your lighting, shades, heating, and cooling for every room of your facility. With pre-determined settings, we can help you prepare the temperature and lighting in your meeting rooms so they are comfortable and ready for the attendees. We can also help you save on your energy consumption by automatically turning off lights and reducing HVAC use in unoccupied spaces.

Digital Signage & Media Displays

Research has shown that customers are 10 times more likely to observe dynamic, digital signage media than static presentations. Engage your customers and stand out from your competitors by capturing their attention with digital signage. Houle can install high quality commercial and professional-grade digital signage that helps you create immersive customer experiences.

Distributed Audio Systems

Effortless ambiance at a touch of a button. From restaurants to retail stores, office buildings to fitness centers, Houle can add effortless ambiance to your facility while providing you with a building-wide communication system for emergencies. Whether you are looking for background music, public address system, and/or paging system, Houle’s distributed audio solutions offers you the highest quality technology and service. We design and install multi-room amplifiers that gives you control of the music flowing through your entire facility or to a single room, all from a simple keypad, touch screen, or smart phone.

Interactive Displays, Video Walls, Projectors, & Monitors

Inspire. Engage. Communicate. Whether you are looking for a projector to enable effective meetings and collaboration, have a multi-screen video wall to inspire and awe your clients and visitors, or have interactive displays to create engaging presentations, Houle will work with you to design a solution that is tailored to your needs.

Motorized Shades

Control all the window coverings in your facility with a touch of a button. Houle’s motorized shade solutions can add beauty, convenience, and comfort throughout your facility, making it effortless to access hard-to-reach windows. We install brushless motor design shades that provide greater reliability, much longer life, and ultra-quiet operation, all operated with a convenient one-touch control.

Remote Asset Management Software

Looking to view room status, book meetings in rooms, track and analyze room usage, schedule end-of-day shutdowns, provide remote assistance to rooms, and/or receive instant e-mail notifications for scheduled maintenance or when a display is offline, all from a web-based interface? From boardrooms to video conferencing rooms, classrooms to lecture halls, Houle can help you seamlessly monitor and manage your rooms and your facility with remote asset management software. With an intuitive and scalable user interface, we equip you with reporting, scheduling, and administrative tools so you can track and manage your rooms and your assets.

Sound Masking

Noise distractions and lack of speech privacy can affect your employees’ productivity and cost your organization money. Houle can help you reduce noise distractions and protect speech privacy through the use of sound masking. Any noises below the new background level created by the masking sound are covered up while noises above the new background level are lessened because the degree of change between baseline and peak volumes is smaller. Let Houle design a complete acoustic solution for your facility so you can help your workers focus.

Touch Screen Control Systems

Take control of your room’s environment. From boardrooms to classrooms, courtrooms to residential towers, you can control the audio, video, media, climate, security, intercom, lights, and shades in your room through a user-friendly touch screen. Houle will design and provide customized programming to enable you to integrate your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices so you can take control of your room’s environment, whether you’re on the go or on location.

Unified Communication

Video Conferencing: Bring people at different sites together with video collaboration tools. Through industry-leading integration with Microsoft solutions, including Microsoft Exchange and Skype for Business, Houle eliminates your need for third-party gateways. We can help you connect your teams anywhere, anytime, with less complexity, increased reliability, and a lower total cost of ownership.

Audio Conferencing: Clearly communicate your message in real-time with Houle’s high quality audio conferencing solutions. Whether you require audio conferencing for a small group of participants or a large meeting, Houle’s feature-rich professional audio products offers you unrivaled audio processing performance.

Wireless and Wired Automated Lighting Systems (Commercial & Residential)

Imagine controlling all lighting needs for at your home or your facility from your favourite mobile device. Houle’s wireless dimming solution enables you to enhance your lighting controls without any rewiring or remodeling without compromising reliability. We install the wireless dimmers like ordinary wired dimmers, allowing you to control your lights using the wires already in your walls.

Houle also offers wired lighting systems that enable you to control your lighting. We install the system so that all the dimming modules are hidden in a cabinet somewhere out of the way so there is minimal visual impact to your room’s décor.

Wireless Controlled Locks

Never change the locks in your building again. With wireless door locks supplied and installed by Houle, you never have to worry about losing your key. You can lock and unlock any door from any touch screen in your facility, remotely using your computer or mobile device, or by entering a PIN code onto the door’s keypad. From a touch screen activity log, you can view what PINs were used on a particular door and when.Our solution also enables you to schedule specific times in which designated user PINs can unlock a door and also enable pre-programmed settings that send text or email alerts to your mobile device whenever a door is used.


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