Victoria International Airport

Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) Recapitalization Project



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Scope of Work

Completed: 2017

Owner: Victoria Airport Authority

Since 2000, the Victoria Airport Authority (who has operational control of the airport since 1997), has undertaken various projects at the airport.  The goals of these terminal renovation and expansion projects are to meet the current and future needs of passengers. The Hold Bag Screening (HBS) area is where screening officers use specialized equipment to screen passengers’ checked baggage to prevent the boarding of prohibited items such as explosives. The HBS Recapitalization project was undertaken at the Victoria International Airport due to the federal government’s mandate for changes to the HBS process. The changes would bring the security screening up to international standards and include improved explosive detection devices and computer tomography. The project’s end goal is to enhance safety.

The HBS Recapitalization project consisted of modifying the existing Baggage Handling System at the Victoria International Airport. Modifications included replacing the primary baggage screening machines, demolishing the existing conveyors, and supplying and installing new conveyors. The new system is made up of 85 new conveyors, roughly 250m in length. It comprises of two in-line screening CT machines. There are two decision points for sortation and there are two separate infeed lines.

The team at Houle provided power and controls cabling for all four-way sorters, spiral power curves, and bag alignment devices VFDs. Photo eyes were installed on cable trays mounted above the conveyor systems and terminated back at five different control panels. All units were linked together via Ethernet IP so the client can remotely monitor, from a control room, what each drive unit is doing at all times.

“… our electrical subcontractor – Houle Electric Limited, with their manager Rich Kurton, did an amazing job. Their site superintendent and install team met all of the installation challenges in a safe manner and achieved all of the milestone dates.”

~ Nick Skomorowski, Senior Project Manager, Glidepath Systems Ltd.

“Dealing with the logistics of a functioning Airport while constructing and implementing new systems is a challenge; however Houle’s staff rose to this challenge with excellent management and planning from their entire team. Houle’s thorough knowledge of electrical systems kept the project running smoothly. They demonstrated their professionalism from the very start and were vital to delivering this project on time and with the highest level of quality. We were very pleased with the work performed by Houle on this project, and have no reservation in recommending or working with them on future projects.”

~ Rhys Beasley, Partner/Site Superintendant, Durwest Construction Management