Teck Acid Plant

Electrical and Instrumentation Installation



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Scope of Work

Completed: 2014

Owner: Teck

As a Canadian metals and mining company, Teck is Canada’s largest diversified resources company. The new acid plant at Trail Operations replaces two existing plants and delivers enhanced operating reliability and flexibility in addition to improved environmental performance. Houle’s performed electrical and instrumental installation to the new plant. This included the installation of electrical equipment, lighting, and instrumentation throughout the plant area, and cabling back to the Control Building.

There were frequent musters due to acid leaks in aging adjacent plants – this challenged both morale and the schedule. Working night shifts helped to deal with the tight schedule. The jobsite was also quite congested due to many trades working in a relatively small work site.

Houle and the construction management team (AMEC/Teck) had a very cooperative relationship while completing this project. Houle also had good relations with Local 1003. The customer was very happy with Houle’s and Houle’s subtrades’ workmanship and performance. The vendor for the anti-corrosion system for the acid coolers mentioned that he goes all over the world doing these systems, and this was one of the nicest, most professional installation he had ever seen.