Royal Jubilee Hospital Diagnostic and Treatment Centre

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Scope of Work

Completed: 2001

Owner: Vancouver Island Health Authority

Royal Jubilee Hospital is the largest tertiary hospital on Vancouver Island.  It provides comprehensive hospital and emergency care to residents of Vancouver Island and patients throughout British Columbia. The campus is home to the 500,000 square foot Diagnostic and Treatment Centre which includes 14 operating rooms, an emergency department, imaging and obstetrics, morgue, laboratory, post-anesthetic recovery, psychiatric intake rooms, central processing and sterilization unit, and pharmacy.

Houle completed electrical construction for the building that was designed to post-disaster standards. Houle successfully integrated older building systems in the existing plant to current technology, including the integration of technology on-site. The job-site was fully self-contained with all the administration for the project done on-site.

There was a perceived need to overcome the computer problems that would potentially come with the change to Y2K. Houle needed to deliver and install the fire alarm computer early to allow plenty of time for problem resolution if anything were to occur. There were some structural problems with supporting Stair 9, which resulted in multiple re-configurations to (concrete) pour schedules to avoid delaying the project schedule.

With only a quarter of the time left, Capital Health was forced to add an additional half a floor and a complete intensive care unit department to the project scope. Additional manpower and resources were brought in to minimize the impact on the base schedule. Near project completion, Houle focused on maintaining dust free construction conditions (a new process at the time), which required new working protocols to be developed.

Pre-planning for this project was maximized to streamline the required information going out to the field. Commissioning the project went seamlessly and the rework required for error correction was less than 100 hours (0.001% of the total project hours).