Mayfair Mall

Transformer Replacement



  • Transformer

Scope of Work

Completed: 2013

Owner: Mayfair Shopping Centre Limited Partnership

Mayfair Shopping Centre is Vancouver Island’s leading fashion-focused shopping mall. High voltage testing showed that one of the mall’s main transformers was failing. A second test revealed it was a voltage-dependent fault and that the transform was failing rapidly. Immediate replacement was crucial.

The delivery time for a new transformer was 12 weeks. Plans had to be made immediately for the delivery and the imminent shutdowns. Upon delivery of the transformer, the unit was craned off the truck and onto the parkade ramp. Heavy movers transported the 7,000 pound unit from the parkade down five flights of stairs. The unit was changed out in a one night shutdown with no disruptions to the mall. The mall opted out of a standby generator as it would have meant an additional cost of $40,000 to $50,000.

This project demonstrated the value of regular high voltage testing (or vault maintenance). Had the unit failed, there would have been a minimum of two or three days without power to a third of the mall. This excluded two additional scheduled shutdowns required to perform the necessary repairs. All this emergency work would have been performed after-hours, resulting in higher prices for the customer. In addition to the shutdowns and lost business to the mall, there was a high fire and life safety risk had the unit not been tested.