Howe Sound Pulp and Paper Mill

Upgrades and Shutdowns

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  • Access Control
    From traditional proximity card badge systems to leading-edge OSDP, security devices, control access to your facility every day of the year. Houle can help manage ingress and egress from your facility to keep your site secure.
  • Electrical
    From preconstruction to construction to post project support and service, Houle provides all your electrical construction and renovation needs.
  • Fire Alarms
    Houle offers complete fire alarm solutions including fire alarm system installation and ULC certified fire alarm monitoring.
  • Fibre Optics & Structured Cabling
    Houle performs the full breadth of structured cabling services and offer customized designs for CAT 5e, CAT 6, CAT 6A, and fibre optics.
  • Video Surveillance
    Houle provides the latest offerings in IP CCTV and Video Management systems from the leading manufacturers.

Scope of Work

Completed: Ongoing

Owner: Howe Sound Pulp and Paper

Howe Sound Pulp and Paper, one of the most efficient paper and kraft pulp producers in the world, has grown to become a North American leader in newsprint and kraft pulp manufacturing. Since 1909, the mill continues to strive and be one step ahead by investing in new technologies.

Houle has been the preferred electrical contractor for Howe Sound for over two decades. Work completed includes numerous complex upgrade projects for the mill, along with maintenance shutdowns. Highlights of Houle’s work for the past two decades include:

  • Site-wide security installation: Following the events of 9/11, it was necessary to maximize security at the mill. Houle established total perimeter port security for Howe Sound Pulp and Paper. Houle’s security team installed 100’s of cameras and card readers. Houle also installed security gates and a new security control room.
  • Site-wide fire alarm system upgrade: Houle installed fire alarm panels that were networked with fibre. Houle ensured that the new system had capacity to handle the increased demands of the pulp mill while ensuring maximum safety.
  • Site-wide fibre terminations: Houle completed thousands of fibre terminations at the site over the past two decades. As a testament to the quality of workmanship by Houle, the site uses the fibre cables installed by Houle for the past 15 years with no issues.
  • Site-wide shutdowns: To be proactive and reduce operational issues through the year, the mill performs an annual shutdown. Although Houle completed various shutdowns at the mill over the years, the most impressive one was a large-scale $3,000,000 shutdown. Houle worked with the client to maintain the electrical system while the shutdown took place. The field staff worked around the clock to complete the shutdown in a timely manner, sometimes working 24 hours a day. Houle did everything necessary to get the job done right.

To mitigate the challenges posed by the location of the pulp mill and the challenges of working in a camp setting, people, tools, and equipment had to be carefully coordinated and organized. With crew sizes ranging from 10 to 150 people, constant adaptation was necessary. Since the mill was operational during the course of Houle’s work, all Houle staff had to work carefully to minimize disruptions.

The biggest success for Houle was gaining and keeping the trust of the client from the beginning. Since 1990, Houle has been able to provide quality service, fostering a strong relationship with Howe Sound Pulp and Paper. Over the 20+ years of service, the client has trusted Houle to successfully perform all projects and shutdowns with the highest level of safety.