Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Breton

Phase IV Building 250, Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt



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Scope of Work

Completed: 2013

Owner: Defence Construction Canada

The Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Breton (FMF CB) is responsible for the repair and overhaul of ships and auxiliary vessels. FMF CB Shop Consolidation project began in the 1990’s to consolidate, transform, and modernize the industrial facilities at CFB Esquimalt’s Dockyard. The goal of the multi-phase project was to transform the FMF’s 38 maintenance shops into one of the largest enclosed buildings on North America’s west coast.

Phase IV of the project consisted of the following work packages:

  • Work Package 9D – Deconstruction of Building 141
  • Work Package 9H – Workshop E127 Relocation of Submarine Maintenance Shop
  • Work Package 10C – West Bay Substructure and Superstructure Construction
  • Work Package 11 – Electroplating and Wastewater Treatment
  • Work Package 13 – Administration Area Fit-up
  • Work Package 13D – Cafeteria Fit-up

Because of the many environmental and industrial components, various products were needed for the project. This meant that Houle’s personnel had to be well versed in the installation of various components including rigid aluminum and rigid steel conduit (1000V rated building wire instead of the usual 600V); copper bus bar bending and installation for the electroplating rectifiers; PLC controls and field instrumentation; 2 mm fibre and copper cat6 to all work stations; and protocol data loop between PLC controls and the DDC building management system. The team also needed to become proficient with the installation and operation of the unique HIRSCH security door access control system.

Houle needed to work around the naval fleet’s operational functions while abiding by the security protocols for the different areas of the building. There were stringent requirements for quality control and commissioning that needed to be addressed and implemented early in the project. Houle was able to put the necessary quality control and personnel in place so the project could proceed forward.

Houle provided quality workmanship on this project while still meeting all required phase completion dates. Houle’s communication skills with manufacturers, suppliers, sub-contractors, and end-users provided for operational effectiveness.