DP World Site Services Facility

Electrical Construction



  • Fire Alarms
    Houle offers complete fire alarm solutions including fire alarm system installation and ULC certified fire alarm monitoring.
  • Lighting
    Houle offers in-house lighting design, consultation, installation, and maintenance services. We focus on energy saving solutions so you can lower your electricity bill while reducing your carbon footprint.

Scope of Work

Completed: 2008

Owner: Centerm Port / DP World

As one of three primary container terminals in the Vancouver gateway, Centerm Port, located on the south shore of Vancouver’s inner harbor, handles approximately one-fifth of the goods shipped in containers through Vancouver. The new Site Services Facility at DP World’s Centerm Port is one of the most sophisticated industrial maintenance buildings in Canada.  It includes offices, a warehouse, and many maintenance shops including service bays for rubber tire gantry cranes.

Houle completed all electrical construction for the modern port-crane service building. Houle installed all data, security, and fire alarm systems for the facility. The fire alarm system consisted of a standard fire alarm system as well as an infrared fire alarm system. Upon detection of flames, infrared cameras trigger a ‘deluge’ system which floods the service bays.

There were many changes needed to accommodate massive amounts of user input gathered during the construction process. This provided Houle with an opportunity to contribute a significant amount of design assistance throughout the project. With the highest service bay being 120 foot high, a 125 foot boom lift was required for all installations as there was no direct access to the roof or ceiling. Construction for the project started late due to unforeseen soil remediation and extreme weather (rain) conditions. However, Houle successfully completed all work under the accelerated construction schedule.

In partnership with Dominion Construction, Houle helped the facility owner realize significant cost savings and execute an accelerated construction schedule. Houle provided invaluable design assistance with lighting. While original lighting specifications met the industrial requirements (namely for safety), they were obtrusive to surrounding residential and community buildings. Houle provided a workable design that addressed both industrial requirements and surrounding sensitivities, while at the same time saving the client more money on its lighting cost.

Houle’s proposal to switch the port’s security system from analogue to digital was met with great enthusiasm. Houle is now the primary provider of security support for the system, which includes the Site Services Facility.

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