Dockside Green

New Build

project at a glance

  • 50,000



  • HVAC Controls
    Houle provides design and system integration to help you regulate the operation of your heating, ventilation, and/or air conditioning (HVAC) system.
  • BACnet Controller
  • CO Gas Detection

Scope of Work

Completed: 2008

Owner: Vancity

A showpiece of sustainable design and technology, Dockside Green is a mixed-use harbour front community in Victoria, BC. Located on 15 acres of former industrial land in the city’s inner harbour, the community includes residential, live/work, retail, office, light industrial uses, and public amenities.

Houle worked closely with the developer to execute on a truly unique vision. Starting in the early conceptual states of the project, Houle brought its expertise in the areas of system design, programming, custom fabrication, and wiring installation, with over 50,000 feet of fully networked wiring. Houle delivered a custom, purpose-built system to serve the overall sustainability vision for the development. From base-building water and energy control to personal carbon footprint information, Houle enabled the Dockside Green community to both maximize energy performance and minimize energy usage.

With Houle’s advanced programming capabilities, commercial-grade energy control systems were installed in all suites. Businesses and home-owners alike at Dockside Green have access to some of the most advance energy monitoring and control technology in the world. Houle championed modest alterations that were required in the supplier hardware (which the supplier now actively markets to other developments). Houle further customized other existing technologies, including fan speed controls (R2 Tower) – which provides suite owners with three speed options for their own air-distributing fans.

Utilizing the latest Reliable Controls technology, Houle programmed alarm functionality throughout all base-building automation. This includes alarms on CO gas detection units in the parkades. Should CO levels rise above a certain threshold, an audible alarm will sound in the area and an email notification will be sent to monitoring personnel. Alarm functionality has also been programmed for building heating, ventilation, and pump controls.

Perhaps the most important aspect of Dockside Green’s energy management capabilities is that the information has been placed directly into the hands of the individual occupants. When individuals have access to the details of their personal energy information, they have a real incentive to make meaningful changes in their consumption behavior.

Houle played a key role in helping the project to set a world record for highest points ever awarded for LEED Platinum. Houle was an active contributor to more than half of Dockside Green’s LEED Platinum points.