Centerm Port Berth

Berth Expansion

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Scope of Work

Completed: 2007

Owner: Centerm Port / DP World

As one of three primary container terminals in the Vancouver gateway, Centerm Port, located on the south shore of Vancouver’s inner harbor, handles approximately one-fifth of the goods shipped in containers through Vancouver. To increase container capacity from 160 thousand to 435 thousand containers per year, Centerm commenced an aggressive upgrade project. This included the expansion of the terminal’s berth.

Houle installed a 620 meter Cavotec Panzerbelt. This sophisticated cabling trench allowed for only three millimeters of tolerance during installation. Houle installed over 156,000 feet of cable and completed hundreds of high and low voltage terminations. Houle ran power to, and installed equipment for, the berth’s 16 new vaults. Houle also completed the massive task of installing all electrical grounding. This included the power system, the crane and rail systems, and the cathodic grounding of all exposed metal to prevent rust.

Houle completed several projects that required custom electrical designs or modifications. This included main plugs for the cranes, bull rail boxes, cable cassettes, and sub-berth conduit brackets. Houle was commended for its ability to pull a significant amount of wiring through the confined spaces of prebuilt rebar cages used in construction of the platform. Houle was also praised for its extraordinary safety measures – with zero lost time – and for containing debris from the sensitive water habitats below the berth.

Keeping the port open meant that there were several unforeseen design changes that affected electrical construction. This included changes in crane voltage and changes in the position of the cranes. Furthermore, there were numerous other projects happening in tandem, many of which were contingent to electrical installations for the berth. One challenge in particular was to run temporary power to new cranes while Houle awaited completion of the new substation in the yard. Completing electrical installations for the berth on time and on budget was a true testament to Houle’s experience, ingenuity, and teamwork.

Houle was instrumental to the success of the project. Centerm’s number one requirement was to keep the terminal open and fully operational throughout the entire construction process. As such, many design changes took place along the way in order to accommodate the berth’s operations. Despite ever-changing design and construction schedules, Houle completed the project on time and on budget.

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