Canada Place

Security Upgrade



  • Door Access Control
    Determine who is allowed to enter or exit, where they are allowed to enter or exit, and when they are allowed to enter or exit, with Houle's electronic door access control solution.
  • Intercom Systems
    Houle designs, supplies, and installs hands-free intercom systems that can be your critical link between departments.
  • Turnstiles
    Houle supplies and installs turnstiles that control traffic and manage access to certain personnel only. Our turnstiles are available with integrated proximity card readers, cameras, electronic signage, or even directly integrated facial recognition.
  • Video Surveillance
    Houle provides the latest offerings in IP CCTV and Video Management systems from the leading manufacturers.

Scope of Work

Completed: 2009

Owner: Port Metro Vancouver

Located in the heart of Vancouver’s waterfront, Canada Place is an iconic landmark and venue for world-class events.

Houle provided access control, CCTV, intercom, and integration upgrades to the existing secure-area at Canada Place. Since all these systems needed to be interfaced and interconnected to operate seamlessly as a single system for security operators, Houle provided all custom circuit integration and programming necessary for a completely functioning system. The scope also included the supply and installation of two high-security outdoor automatic security turnstiles which were integrated into the existing fencing. Houle coordinated all civil work for the fence and concrete work needed. Houle provided all conduit, cable, and hardware installation as well as all programming for the existing access control system and video management system.

Because Canada Place is a federally controlled port, all Houle personnel on the project required specialized Transport Security Clearances. Houle also needed to maintain all project documentation on a separate office server, accessible only by security cleared personnel. For document protection, individual worker desktop computers had to be ‘locked’ when not in use.

Due to drastic changes in economic market conditions, Houle dealt with numerous unforeseen changes to the project scope and schedule. Several zones near or above water also posed installation challenges for Houle.