Construction Site Security Video Monitoring

Key Benefits of Construction Site Video Monitoring

•  Underwriter Approved Solution

•  Cost Savings Over Security Guard

•  Efficiency Through Advanced Analytic

•  24/7 Live Monitoring

•  Voice Down Is An Effective Deterrent

•  Proposals Are Always Free

Why Choose The Houle Operations Centre?


What would a shutdown, even a short-term shutdown, cost your construction site? Remote Construction Site Video Monitoring by the Houle Operations Centre (HOC) is your first line of defense against unnecessary delays, shutdowns, and asset or resource loss. When an intruder is detected, our 24/7 monitoring station will verify the threat and immediately escalate the response through our voice-down technology. Often this is enough to stop issues before they escalate, but if an intruder ignores the voice-down – a verified intruder and crime in progress report results in fast response from law-enforcement.

Advanced Analytics & Voice-Down Technology Work For You

Tired of those 3am phone calls to check your construction site only to find a tarp triggered an alarm? Advanced Learning Analytics is an advanced algorithm that understands the difference between motion, and a threat to your construction site. So smart in fact, that it can tell the difference between an animal and a human. When a threat is detected, a highly trained monitor at HOC verifies the threat, and using voice-down technology will call down – often enough to end the threat immediately. If not, a verified crime-in-progress results in fast response from authorities. So you can rest easy with CRVM by Houle.

Why “Live” Video Monitoring Doesn’t Work


“Live” video monitoring is billed by some operators as the best solution to monitoring your construction site by video. Unfortunately, the attached video effectively demonstrates why this approach is not only flawed, but dangerous to the safety of your construction site. Live video monitoring is often offered as a cheaper alternative to Advanced Learning Analytics because the hardware and software costs substantially less and further costs are cut by expecting Operators to simultaneously monitor 50 cameras or more! The reality is that Advanced Learning Analytics far out-performs live video monitoring every time. Did you see the gorilla?

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Got Questions About Remote Video Monitoring?

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