Save Money When Hiring an Electrician

You planned out your home improvement project.  You have an image in your mind of what the end results will look like.  It’s now time to convert your renovation dreams into reality… affordably.

You know your project involves new electrical wiring or devices or repairing/replacing old ones.  To save money, you consider DIY of the electrical work as you assume that electricians are too expensive.  This assumption can turn your home improvement dreams into a nightmare.  The costs of your DIY electrical work can sky rocket as a result of your handiwork.  Faulty wiring can present a fire hazard.  Appliance motors and electronic gear can become damaged because of wrong amperage.  Lights can flicker because of overloaded circuits.  Breakers can trip and fuses can blow.  Hiring an experienced electrician can help you avoid these problems and bring you closer towards your home improvement dreams.  So how can you save money when hiring an electrician for your home improvement projects?

Do not be Misled by Electricians’ Hourly Rates

Do not use the hourly electrician charge-out rate as the only source of comparison.  A skilled, well-equipped electrician with a truck full of parts that charges more per hour can be a better choice than a less expensive, inexperienced electrician who has inadequate tools and no parts. An experienced electrician can generally perform the job quicker and more efficiently, billing you less hours for the job than an unskilled electrician.  The hourly rate is only meaningful when it is considered along with the electrician’s work quality, equipment, and experience.

Do not get stuck with the costs of having to hire an expert electrician to come back to your home to repair an amateur’s work.  Look for a fair hourly rate, but do not sacrifice quality for the sake of cost.

Compare Electricians’ Travel Charges

Travel charges can have a big impact on your costs.  Ensure you ask how and what electricians charge for travel.  Some electricians charge travel by the hour, some charge a flat rate “trip charge,” some charge a higher rate for the first hour, some charge a minimum for each visit, and some compensate for travel time by charging a higher hourly rate.  Determine what makes sense for your situation.  Selecting a local electrician can also help you cut back on unnecessary travel costs.

Make the Most of The Electrician’s Time

By bundling your electrical projects together and having your electrician complete more than one project at your house at a time, you can save money on electrician’s travel time and significantly reduce your costs.

When you discover a (non-emergency) electrical problem, put it on a list.  When you determine it’s time to call an electrician, review your list and perform a walk around your home to see if there is any other electrical issues that you want your electrician to inspect.  Consider any future potential needs as well as current ones.

Before the electrician arrives, make sure the electrical panel box is accessible.  Clear away any clutter from the areas where you expect the electrician to work.  The less time the electrician spends dealing with inconveniences, the more money you will save.

Try to plan electrician visits during office hours.  Weekends, after-hours, and emergency call outs will carry a premium price tag.

Install Money-Saving Electrical Fixtures

Consider investing in upgrades that will save you money in the long run.  With the rising costs of electricity, switching to LED bulbs can significantly reduce the energy consumption in your home.  Adding outdoor motion detector switches can not only enhance your home’s security, it can also help you save money on your outdoor lighting.


By doing your homework and following these simple steps, you make it through your home improvement projects with more money in your pocket.

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